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Saint Louise de Marillac Service Awards

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: February 15, 2017

AWARD PRESENTATION: September 25, 2017 (during the Grantee Renewal Conference)


We celebrate Saint Louise de Marillac for her life of service to the less fortunate with the Saint Louise de Marillac Service Award for a volunteer, employee and/or program which exemplifies Saint Louise’s life of service.


Saint Louise de Marillac was born in 1591 and grew up amid the affluent society of Paris, but without a stable home life.  She was a wife, a mother and a widow who by the age of 42 founded, along with Saint Vincent de Paul, the Daughters of Charity.  In managing the Daughters of Charity, Saint Louise was known for her strong intellect, organizational skills and her ability bring people to the table to get things accomplished. She was positive and exuberant in her energy, always urging her Sisters to do more and do it well for the many needs of the people.  To read more about Saint Louise de Marillac, the Patron Saint of Social Workers, and her accomplishments click here.


Who is eligible for the Award

All past and present recipients of Mission and Ministry, Inc. (MMI) grants are eligible to apply for the program award. Volunteers and Employees of those organizations are eligible for the Volunteer and Employee award.


Award Criteria

All nominations must demonstrate that they meet the basic criteria listed below for outstanding service to those less fortunate and the most vulnerable members of society. An organization may submit nominations for all three awards – Program, Employee, and Volunteer.


> Systemic Change - Describe how the Program’s goals … or for the Employee or Volunteer nomination, how those individuals … work to change unjust structures that keep people in poverty. This includes programs or individuals advocating, educating, or providing direct service to meet this goal.


> Community Engagement and Leadership - Demonstrate how the Program engages the larger community to solve the problems being addressed and empowers the community to serve in a leadership role in identifying the solutions.   For the Employee or Volunteer nomination, describe their role in engaging the community and developing leaders among those being served.  


> Boldness of Charity - Describe how the Employee, Volunteer or Program embraces the boldness of charity through innovation, risk, courage, or audaciousness in service to those less fortunate and the most vulnerable members of society.



The Program selected will receive a Saint Louise de Marillac Award plus $5,000 for the program nominated. The Volunteer and Employee selected will receive a Saint Louise de Marillac Award plus $1,000 to be donated to a charity of their choice.



If you have any questions please contact MMI at 812 963 7569 or mmi.info@doc.org. Submission Deadline is February 15, 2017. Awards will be presented on September 25, 2017 during the Grantee Renewal Conference in Florida.

An organization may submit an application under each award category. Click the links below to complete nomination forms for each award - volunteer, employee and program.


Click here to check out award winners from the last conference.