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Tuition Assistance – For Students Currently in the Program


This portion of the Tuition Assistance Program is for students that are currently in the program and attend a school where a Daughter of Charity does not minister/work. Students who are currently in the program have the opportunity to apply until their education is complete at their current school – no new students or families will be added.


This is an annual application process in which families apply and are approved/denied year to year.  The grant is provided to the school with funds earmarked for individual students.



The student ...

  • may receive up to 75% of tuition and fees (calculations are made based on the balance of tuition after other financial assistance has been applied) 

  • must be registered to attend the school for the upcoming year 

  • must be eligible for the National School Lunch Program or its equivalent 

  • must be eligible for financial assistance from the school 

  • must maintain a 2.0 GPA 

  • must participate in the school’s service learning program 


The Sister will collaborate with the Principal/President of the school the student attends to make sure the student stays within the MMI guidelines. Families must apply for tuition assistance through the school, parish, local diocese, etc. before funds are awarded from MMI.  It is important to be aware of and seek additional assistance from other funding sources in the case that MMI funds are not available.


MMI will contact the Sister regarding re-nomination of students and work with her, the school, and the family in completing the application process. Unsolicited requests are not accepted.


Helpful Tips ...


The student MUST be nominated by a Daughter of Charity.


The application process opens February 1, 2017 and closes June 1, 2017.

Applications started after June 1 will not be considered.