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MMI provides renewal activities during the Grantee Renewal Conference to help renew your spirit, relax your body and stimulate your mind.  Below is a list of the renewal activities for the 2022 conference.  Please review the list below and be ready to select your renewal activities when you get to the Conference Registration Table.


  • Chair Massage (10 mins) - reduce stress and fatigue with a therapeutic chair massage by a licensed masseuse. 

  • Yin Yoga (30 mins) – led by a certified yoga instructor, this practice is slower and meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body to alleviate pain and tension, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. Floor mat will be provided.

  • Beginner Vinyasa (30 mins) - led by a certified yoga instructor, this practice is very fluid, combining standing poses in sequences that focus on linking breath to movement.  

  • Chair yoga (15 mins) - led by a certified yoga instructor, this practice improves your flexibility, concentration, and strength, while boosting your mood, and reducing stress and joint strain.

  • Pet Therapy - spend as much time as you like to relax and unwind with the therapeutic effects of the human-animal bond with a qualified therapy dog team.  Each pet therapy team is certified with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

  • Labyrinth Walk and Meditation (30 mins) - during this walking meditation, participants will explore the four R’s of the labyrinth experience: Remember, Release, Receive, and Return.

  • FABULOUS Session with Barbara Rubel (1 hour) - dive deeper into Strength Based Resilience discussed on Sunday’s Opening Keynote Session.

  • Free Flow Drawing Session with Sr. Angele Hinkey (1 hour) - Relax and renew through the creative process of free drawing with motivational direction from Sr. Angele. Integrated with therapeutic background music, explore your self-expression, and tap into the meaning of the phrase … “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

  • Outdoor Yard Games (weather permitting) - release your inner-child and competitive spirit with some free play of corn hole (bags) and other yard activities available on the Terrace Grounds.

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