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Q:  When is the deadline for applying for funds?

A:  Go to Grants or Process for deadlines for applying for each grant program.


Q:  Do I need to know a Daughter of Charity to apply?

A:  If you do not know a Daughter of Charity, you are not eligible to apply. A Daughter must be willing to write an endorsement of the project in order to apply for funding.


Q:  Do you welcome visits by potential applicants?

A:  A visit to the MMI office is not encouraged. MMI staff may be interested in visiting the program location to learn more about a program.


Q:  Should I call the MMI office before completing an application?

A:  Yes, please contact MMI before applying. With the online application, you must speak to a staff person before receiving permission to apply. If you have questions about which grant program is appropriate for your project or if the project fits within MMI’s mission, please contact MMI.


Q:  How long does it take to find out if you are awarded a grant?

A:  The applicant will be notified of funding in less than six months.  Most often, the decision is made within four months.


Q:  What do you mean by abiding by Catholic Moral Teachings?

A:   Applicants must state that they are not providing or promoting abortion, sterilization, contraception, in vitro fertilization, embryonic stem cell research, physician-assisted suicide, or euthanasia. MMI will not fund organizations whose primary mission is the promotion or advancement of any of the above activities.


Q:  What is the minimum/maximum I can ask for? 

A:  Go to grants to learn if the grant program you are interested in has a maximum or minimum limit.


Q:  Is an evaluation of the project required after funding?

A:  At a minimum, a progress-evaluation report is required every 6 months during the grant period.  MMI strongly encourages but does not require grantees to have a formal evaluation completed.


Q:  Do you prefer funding projects or general operating costs?

A:  MMI will provide grants for both.


Q:  Do you provide funding for construction/rehab projects?

A:  Construction/Rehab projects are eligible for funding at 25% of the total cost of the construction/rehab project. However, requests for construction/rehab funds are generally not approved by the board of directors unless the organization can provide evidence that the construction/rehab project is needed to increase their capacity to serve or to reduce operational expense in order to continue to serve persons living in poverty.  Please contact MMI prior to requesting a grant for construction/rehab.


Q:  Do you provide multi-year grants?

A:  We do not approve funding for multiple years at one time.  We do encourage you to discuss your need for funding for more than one year in your project description but you must apply for funding each year in the normal funding cycle.  

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