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Available to Daughters of Charity only.


Emergency Grants provide an opportunity for Sisters of the Province of St. Louise to request monies from Mission and Ministry for person(s) facing a serious situation which comes up suddenly and unexpectedly, demanding immediate attention. Emergency Grant requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Request may be for no more than $2,000. Checks are usually cut within two business days of receiving the request.


Grant funds have paid for rent/mortgage payments, utilities, funeral expenses, teeth, etc. MMI staff will usually call and discuss the assistance with the requesting Sister to make sure they have thought of other sources first before coming to MMI and to make sure that the assistance we provide to the individual is going to be enough to offer peace of mind until they are able to get back on their feet.


NO DEADLINE – an Emergency Grant request may be submitted at any time throughout the year.


*All Emergency Grant requests should be made through their house account in the MMI application system.  Contact MMI for more information. 


Getting Started

  1. Get to know MMI.  Read through about us, priorities, grants, process sections of the website to learn more about MMI and the programs we have to offer.

  2. Speak with a Grants Manager.  A representative from your organization should connect with a MMI Grants Manager at least three weeks prior to the application deadline to discuss the proposed project and confirm eligibility to apply. 

  3. Complete the Application. Follow the steps to complete your LOI or application through the online grant application portal.

  4. Submit the Application by the appropriate deadline.  See process to review deadlines and funding cycle dates.

  5. Communicate Changes.  Please inform the Grants Manager you connected with of any significant organizational, programmatic, or financial changes impacting the project or organization that occur after an application has been submitted.