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Training/Capacity Building Grants are available to help build the capacity of the ministry or organization to thrive and grow (generally for fundraising, board development, strategic planning, etc.). Funds are also available for the organization to study best practices and to see best practices in action if necessary. The training grant is limited to 75% of the total cost of the training/capacity building activity up to $1,000.


NO DEADLINE – a Training Grant request may be submitted at any time throughout the year. The request must be submitted and approved prior to the training.


  1. Get to know MMI.  Read through about us, priorities, grants, process sections of the website to learn more about MMI and the programs we have to offer.

  2. Speak with a Grants Manager.  A representative from your organization should connect with an MMI Grants Manager at least three weeks prior to the application deadline to discuss the proposed project and confirm eligibility to apply. 

  3. Complete the Application. Follow the steps to complete your application through the online grant application portal. We recommend reviewing the full application question list prior to getting started.

  4. Share your completed application with the endorsing Daughter of Charity so she is able to fill out the required endorsement form.

  5. Submit the Application by the appropriate deadline.  See process to review deadlines and funding cycle dates.

  6. Communicate Changes.  Please inform the Grants Manager you connected with of any significant organizational, programmatic, or financial changes impacting the project or organization that occur after an application has been submitted.

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